Matr1x Kernel for Nexus S and Nexus S 4G! [Jelly Bean]



  • Based on Linux kernel version 3.0.38
  • Voodoo sound (Thanks to supercurio)
  • Modified Trinity colors (Thanks to morfic for the original implementation)
  • BLN (Thanks to neldar)
  • BFS (Thanks to Con Kolivas)
  • Fast Charge by Chad Froebel (Be sure to buy his widget here:
  • Bigmem (Thanks to _thalamus for the working implementation)
    Ezekeel’s mods** (Thanks to Ezekeel)
  • BLD


  • v24.0 Added 1.32Ghz OC, 100% battery charge fix (cosmetic), and wheatley governor.
  • v23.5 Added 1.2Ghz OC, Touch Wake, Voodoo Color, and CM versions.
  • v23.0 Reverted kernel base back to 3.0.31 for speed and stability, reverted the LCD UV, and added the interactive governor (with input boost).
  • v22.5 Updated kernel base for JB, added all my favorite *useful* features and removed a ton of pointless stuff, changed LCD voltage to 2.3V, and used the Bcmdhd PM_FAST in standby.

Links to Jelly Bean version: (v.22.5 and higher are Jelly Bean, v.22.0 and lower are ICS)

Click Here for Downloads

Link to source:

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73 Responses to Matr1x Kernel for Nexus S and Nexus S 4G! [Jelly Bean]

  1. tim says:

    New Matrix Kernel v 22.5 for Nexus s 4g slow at boot. Almost like it freezes. Is there any way to fix it.

    • Shank says:

      Flash another ROM. I’ve gotten reports that this runs great on burnsra’s CM10 so it might be the ROM.

  2. tim says:

    IM running CM 10 on the Nexus S 4g

  3. pogi ako says:

    Ns4g doesnt have sources yet and you demanding custom 4.1 kernels to run flawlessly on your phone.. Lol. Try matrix ns4g rom are just ported gsm roms lol. Waiyfor it to be full then try matrix again.

  4. richarsDZN says:

    Will this work on non JB rooms maybe AOKP rooms?

  5. Mark says:

    Hey just wondering is the kernel OK to install on the nexus s

  6. andy says:

    will it work if I flash it on stock jellybean 4.1.1 on my nexus s i9020a?

  7. Richard says:

    I am running a ICS rom and I use kernal 22.0
    But the latest one does not work on ICS

    And since there is only one JB rom for Nexus s, that JB from is missing many features and is on development

    But I really want does new features on a ICS, any chance that will happen ?

    • Shank says:

      No more work on the ICS kernel and it has plenty of features. I don’t know what you’re talking about lol

  8. Richard says:

    And yea the latest kernal did work very well on a JB rom.

    • Shank says:

      Hell yeah. It always works.

    • kernAlkiller says:

      I’m not surprised it doesn’t work well. You need a kernEl, not a kernAl.

      What the hell is a kernAl anyway? I see it spelt correctly in the title and several times in the post. Are you a bit thick?

  9. varin says:

    love your kernel. installed on nexus s with stock rom and also installed nstools but couldn’t find deepidle and 100% battery charge. do i need something else for control.

  10. Christian says:

    Just one thing: YOU ROCK!

    Thanks for your work and greetings from germany.

  11. This version doesn’t support Overclocking the CPU?

  12. Robb says:

    Getting ready to do this… for the first time lol. What is the “bfs” and “cfs” files? Do I need one or the other, or both for my 4G?

    • Hélder Pinheiro says:

      Google uses CFS. I tested the BFS version and I had some force closes (I did not do any wipe). I am using the CFS version and it works great!

      • Hélder Pinheiro says:

        my nexus s is the i9023

        • Robb says:

          Thanks… I did a llittle (very little) research and found some info saying CFS is usually the more stable o the two, but not as fast as BFS, which is a little buggier.

  13. Li69 says:

    Hey, will AOSP rom work?

  14. skegg says:

    so i dont have to wipe anything and i dont have to run a custom rom to flash this? just making sure, dont wanna do anything stupid. first time i flash a kernel. running rooted JB stock 4.1.1

  15. joel says:

    I’ve just installed this kernel with stock JB. Thanks!

    Aren’t the wpa_supplicant drivers included so i can connect to an ad-hoc network?

    BTW, what is the “best” or recommended Custom ROM?

  16. Dan says:

    Whats difference between bfs and cfs versions of file? Just scared to get a gsm kernel when I need cdma/vzw. knocked my last nexus out until i could get proper kernel installed

  17. Umz says:

    Works decently well! Thanks so much! Nexus S JB CM10. i just wish there’s overclocking. will you include this on your next build? :)

  18. ojbolt says:

    Man, I’m runin AOKP 4.1.1 on a I9020t, I’d like to know if with this kernell is suported the OTG function, or if that only works with ICS? Thamxs…

  19. Richard says:

    Does this work on Jelly Belly v1.0 Nexus S GSM, Im having issues with new kernal.

  20. Chrisanthos says:

    Hi guys, I have a question out of subject but I think you can give me the right answer.
    Could you please tell me if is possible to have JB kernel with GB ROM?
    Thank you

  21. Yuri says:

    I can’t find the download link for 22.5 D:

  22. Norman says:

    what are cfs and dfs? i just got my nexus s 4g due to my evo being stolen. i have no clue what cfs or dfs mean, but I would love to try this kernel.

  23. james says:

    I flashed this on my nexus s 4g running stock jelly bean and the CPU frequencies are still the same. Do I have to be on a custom ROM to over clock?

  24. Master says:

    My phone is doing a bootloop on stock 4.1.1
    Nexus s i9023

  25. David Li says:

    Mare1x kernel can’t overclock cpu?

  26. ArcticEidolon says:

    Attempting to run Matr1x on CM10 (JB) for the Nexus S, however, using either CFS 22.5 or CFS 23.0, I lock up on boot – it doesn’t go past the Google logo. I think it could be the nightly, but just thought it might be worthwhile to let you know. If you have any troubleshooting suggestions, those would be appreciated as well. The Matr1x kernels are seemingly much better than the default CM, so I would like to be able to use them again.


    • ArcticEidolon says:

      Perhaps it has something to do with the LCD voltage change? I do get the backlights for the hardware keys on the phone, but I do not get any image on the screen.

      • Shank says:

        Yeah CM added some new code to their kernel that I will add as well to make my kernel work on the nightlies. It has nothing to do with LCD voltage ;)

        I’ll release v23.5 soon and it will work on the nightlies.

  27. Retardus says:

    I have a nexus s I9023. i am running the Paranoid Android mod on jelly bean and can only over clock my phone to 1000mhz, is this the roms fault or the setting for the kernal?

  28. Shank says:

    Ok people stop asking such stupid questions… can you not READ before asking? I am getting very tired of having to look at these idiotic questions and it really does hurt.

    If your questions has not been answered then ask. If not don’t even bother asking or else you will either get a. no answer or b. an insult from me

    Seriously, it isn’t that hard.

  29. Shank says:

    You being sarcastic? Or maybe just trying to be funny?

  30. Moronkiller says:

    yeah because all of those morons in earlier post.
    And yeah because of you too. What if you try to help the other morons in here and don’t annoy the dev? Good suggestions right.?

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