Matr1x kernel for Nexus 4 Android 4.4.2/4.4.3/4.4.4 KitKat


Hey guys,

This is the KitKat version of the Matr1x kernel and it works on 4.4.2, 4.4.3, or 4.4.4.


  • Based on Linux kernel version 3.4.0
  • Built with GCC 4.8 from Google
  • Voltage Control Interface (by faux123)
  • Gamma Control Interface (by faux123) with PA tweaked colors
  • FauxSound (by faux123)
  • Speaker amp control (by faux123)
  • Simple GPU governor (by faux123)
  • Dynamic Sync Control (by faux123)
  • Accuracy Filter Control (by franciscofranco)
  • GPU OC to 487.5 Mhz
  • UV by 100mV for all frequencies and cores
  • SIO and ROW I/O Schedulers
  • Wheatley governor (by Ezekeel)
  • Touch screen improvement tweak (thanks to faux123)
  • Thermald and mpdecision removed
  • Various performance tweaks
  • 192 Mhz frequency for better battery when idle
  • Fast Charge (thanks to franciscofranco)
  • BLX (Originally by Ezekeel and ported to Nexus 4 by me)
  • s2w support (thanks to showp1984 and anarkia1976)
  • ARM hotplug driver (by _thalamus) with min_online_cpus value (by me) and max_online_cpus value (thanks to _motley)
  • MultiROM support (by Tasssadar)
  • USB OTG “usb-host” mode support (by ziddey)
  • MSM Sleeper Mod (Max screen off frequency) (by flar2)
  • Various performance tweaks


v1.0 Initial release: stock 3.4.0 kernel with added deadline I/O scheduler tweak.

v1.5 Added overclocking capabilities to 1.728 Ghz.

v2.0 Removed OC capabilities, added GPU OC to 450 Mhz, 100mV UV across the board, ARM CPU Topology (which improves the efficiency of multi core devices), and various performance tweaks.

v2.5 Added SIO I/O Scheduler, touch screen improvement tweaks (see….php?t=2027476 and extra tweak by faux123), UV’ed all cores and frequencies by an extra 50mV for a -150mV overall, and switched to the AnyKernel template. (thanks _motley!)

v3.0 Reverted the extra 50mV of UV that caused instability and added faux123’s voltage control interface for manual voltage adjustments.

v3.5 Added the reduced msm_hsic_host wakelock tweak, ROW I/O Scheduler, removed thermald to allow kernel to manage the heat using its own drivers, some ondemand governor tweaks, tweaked ARM CPU topology, and lowered the minimum voltage for voltage control interface (test your phone’s limits).

v4.0 Reduced the minimum voltage for voltage control interface even more (test your phone’s limits), added the CPU Voltage table for “faster” binned chips (still -100mV UV), added Fast Charge, added a 288 Mhz CPU step for better battery when idle, and added the BLX mod (see here:….php?t=1257497).

v4.5 Added the proper reduced msm_hsic_host wakelock tweak, fixed the “faster” CPU table (users who have “faster” chips should have no trouble now), added showp1984’s Sweep2Wake, and partially reverted a display tweak from Google (this should provide a bit better display color than stock).

v5.0 Added Sweep2Wake gestures by faux123 with the touch events patch (no more frozen touch screens), switched to the GCC 4.7 compiler from Google, removed mpdecision and added _thalamus hotplug driver, and added the min_online_cpus module capability for the hotplug driver.

v5.5 Removed the 450 Mhz GPU OC and bumped it up to 487.5 Mhz, added thermal tweaks (to manage phone temperature) by franciscofranco, updated the interactive governor and ROW I/O scheduler to the latest version, and tweaked the auto hotplug driver for better battery life.

v6.0 Fixed the msm_hsic_host wakelock once and for all (You may still see it but it shouldn’t be running that much), added PGM support (thanks to bponury), and added faux123’s gamma control interface.

v6.5 Tweaked auto_hotplug to try to further improve battery life, removed Sweep2Wake (attempt to solve any touchscreen freezing issues), updated ROW I/O Scheduler, removed some CPU frequency steps (only kept the useful steps), added the FIOPS I/O Scheduler, and added the PA tweaked display colors.

v7.0 Merged the Android 4.2.2 kernel code, added the final PA colors from molesarecoming, added _motley’s generic color control interface to allow easier scripting, and _motley’s tweak to allow color changes to be “refreshed” automatically.

v7.5 Fixed the PGM touch control issue, added faux123’s speaker amp control mod, added franciscofranco’s accuracy filter control mod, updated the ROW I/O scheduler to the latest version, and added several ondemand governor update patches.

v8.0 Added fix for sporadic WiFi drops, added faux123’s FauxSound mod, removed sweep2wake completely (attempt to fix power button issue), and added data drop fix (by faux123).

v8.5 Added the max_online_cpus mod by _motley (You can make your device single core, dual core, etc.), added a 192 Mhz CPU step (This should help with battery), and added the Wheatley governor by Ezekeel (#23 on…ors-explained/).

v9.0 Added USB OTG by ziddey, updated the FauxSound to v2.1, added the idle drain patches, updated the ROW I/O Scheduler to the latest version, added Touch Wake by stratosk, and got rid of the touch_boost errors in the logcat.

v9.5 Removed Touch Wake by stratosk and brought back Touch Control by bponury, removed USB OTG, and added MIUI support.

v10.0 Fixed the screen on lag, added some performance patches, added faux123’s Simple GPU governor, and fixed the bluetooth issues some users were having.

v10.5 Added support for Android 4.3 (JSS15J).

v11.0 Switched to the Anykernel zip template, updated Fauxsound to the latest driver, added faux123’s dynamic sync control mod, and added support for bponury’s touch control.

v11.5 Added support for Android 4.4.

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